Restaurant Miami Deli | Open 24 hours | Ouvert 24 heures
Heures de livraison: 7 jours par semaine de 11h00 à 05h00 du matin
Fast and Free Delivery: 7 days a week, we deliver from 11am to 5am
3090 rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, Quebec H1W 1B5 Tel: 514.525.0600


Come visit anytime, we are always open!

We have a passion for Food, Fishing, Montreal & Miami!

Restaurant Miami Deli is a family-owned diner where Mr. Steve Tsantes and his sons work side by side in managing and offering the very best in food, service, and value since 1995. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Miami Deli offers patrons a memorable experience and the best comfort food for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Miami Deli's decor is extravagant and eye-catching, hence most of the fish you see decorating the restaurant have been caught by Mr. Steve and are dedicated to the exciting and colorful city of Miami!

Mr. Steve is all about Family, Friends, Food, Fishing, Montreal and of course Miami! Passionate about the important things in life, he has succeeded in making Miami Deli a great place that patrons love to visit over and over again!

Come visit anytime, we are always open!

You can read about us in the book written by Mr. Sébastien Diaz, from local Montreal newspaper La Presse.  We have to clarify that our fish are not "plastic" as stated in the book. All of the fish you see at Miami Deli were real fish with exception of the Dolphin, and a Shark replica.  The other fish exhibited in the restaurant are all real!

The book is in french only and available for purchase at;
La Presse: